Be the Dog


A dog loves their master to the point that if people took the dog’s “word” for it, they would think that the master was wonderful and without fault.   A few nights ago I was sitting next to my husband in our bedroom.  My PJ top was riding up a little and I had not realized it.  As my son walked into the bedroom, my little pooch  threw herself abruptly across my previously exposed abdomen.  Initially, I laughed.  This dog became like a blanket across me.  Soon after, I thought…what the dog did for me is a perfect picture of what we should do on an ongoing basis for our spouse.

When married, we should be our spouse’s safe place, a soft place for them to land, their biggest cheerleader, and protector of their reputation.   It is as if we need to be like my dog who threw herself across my tummy.  We need to jump up and edify our spouse in front of our children and others.  We need to theoretically, throw ourselves across any exposed areas of our spouse so that they don’t have unnecessary embarrassment.  We need to jump in and minimize our spouse’s mistakes instead of making them a big deal.  Afterall, when I flub up (which happens often), I usually know it and I surely don’t need someone else shining a bright light on my mistake.  I like having a reputation protector and safe place to be myself.  It is within that safety that I can grow and become a better version of me.

My goal this week is to be the “dog” for my husband.


About providentiallyclark

I am blessed to married to my favorite man for over 20 years and and to be called Mom to 5 of the best kids alive.
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1 Response to Be the Dog

  1. jessie1944 says:

    Way to go Tracy. You have the right idea.-

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