The table was wiped once again after dinner.  As the crumbs were cleared away we began discussing our dining room table.  “It probably needs refinishing” was mentioned in one breath.  Without skipping a beat, the next comment was, “but I know you don’t want to do that.”

I am so very protective of my table.  It doesn’t have a beautiful glossy polish or a perfectly smooth finish any longer.  What is does have is memories…The very pale mis-shaped circle on one end  is the history of a friendship my oldest once had.  She and her friend spilled nail polish remover.  I have marker stains speckled across the table.  I have etching from some sentences once aggressively written on paper that then transferred to the wood of my table  It is a memory of the various times we required our kids to write ssentences in order to remind them of the principles our family follows.  There are a few crosses or nicks on the table, too.  If you have an occassion to crawl under my table, you may find some signed artwork and some originals with no signature.

This table, represents to me, the many happy memories we have had and continue to have as a family.  Family dinners are a trademark of the Clark Family.  We enjoy being too loud together, praying together, sharing our day’s adventures and inviting friends to join us at that table.  Many studies have been done at that table, as well as crafts, and talks.  God has blessed us with a family to fill and sometimes overflow that table.

Today there is a new addition to my table.  My sweet youngest girl, etched her name into the corner for all to see.  She told me she wanted her “own memory” on that table.  She made a mark in our lives the day she was born and now has made her “mark” on our table of memories.  Though I could have scolded her for her choice…it was time to hug her and tell her I will never forget the “memory” she gave me this morning on my dining room table.

About providentiallyclark

I am blessed to married to my favorite man for over 20 years and and to be called Mom to 5 of the best kids alive.
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1 Response to Memories

  1. jessie1944 says:

    Well another memory for me also. I guess I need to be a mouse and sneak in and add my own trademark to the Clark Table. Tracy you never stop amazing me with your deep understanding of what is important. As an old fashion mom raised by another old fashion mom I know I missed out on a lot of our memories , but I didn’t know it then. I was so busy being like my mom. We did things at the Crites table I just put a plastic table cloth over it. Who would know a Dinning Room Table to be so awesome? Good writing Tracy.

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