That’s Hypocritical

Out of the mouth of babes.  Two words said to me today by my 10 year old slapped me straight.

Six months ago I said I would ride a local roller coaster with my daughter once she was tall enouch to ride it.  Today she was tall enough and the line was short.  I really thought that I was covered when we arrived at the park becuase I had already told her I awoke with a headache, and her dad had volunteered to take her for her very 1st ride on Batman at Six Flags.  It never crossed my mind to ride any new rides today.  I have developed a fear of rollercoasters over the years as a mom.  I have been known to push my kids to ride a rollercoaster or ride with them to help them overcome a fear.  But this 10 year old loves coasters, so the issue was mute.  My once young brain now has wisdom and logic, my level-headedness sometimes spins with vertigo, and I just let me head get in the way sometimes of the adventure and thrill of something new.

I was first to cheer for her as she came off the ride…then it happened, she bouncily asked me to ride with her so she could go again.  Nope.  I said I didn’t wan’t to and that I was still afraid.  Then my sweet husband urged me with “come on, you had our son overcome his fear of the same ride last year”.  Seriously?!  He pulled that on me.  I had pushed our son…I knew he would want to ride it, and he just needed a gentle and loving shove…or a few shoves.  Now he loves the ride.  But this is me.

I obliged their urge to just ride it.  The kids cheered, I prayed and had a talk to myself along the long walk to the start of the ride.  About half-way there, I began my logical plea of how I really didn’t “want” to ride and was afraid.  I continued, that I was good for encouraging them to overcome fears because I knew it was good for them and would help them succeed in their lives.  Sounds good, right?  And I meant every single word.  Fear is paralyzing.  I never want my kids to miss out of life becuase of it.  Fear steals opportunity and keeps kids and adults from fully experiencing the life they were created to live.

Then came those two words, “That’s hypocritical.”  Ouch!  She was right and those words urged me to make myself to the front of that line.  I stood, still scared, and my son reminded me of a favorite verse from Phillipians 4:13, “Mom, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”  He was right.  I repeated those words in my head the entire ascent of the ride.  Squinty-eyed, I rode the ride.  60 seconds later I was able to walk off that ride, a bit dizzy, but as an overcomer.  I was not the hypocrite.  And best of all, were the afterthoughts.

My husband and my goal in raising our five children is to raise them to love and serve God and to see them pursue their passions in a way that they lead a successful life.  Through our parenting journey, we have encouraged them to always revert back to the Bible to check facts and see how to live life.  Scripture memorization has been part of our home.  We’ve told them we wanted them to have the Word hidden in their hearts so they can pull from it when needed.  Today my son, helped me by pulling Scripture out.  We have also often told our kids that we don’t ask them to do anything that we’ve not done ourselves. We talk of hypocracy in our family and society quite often.  Today my daughter was able to effectly show me she understood what that means and call me on it.  She wasn’t being disrepectful in telling me I was being hypocritical.  She was spot on and  I deserved it.

About providentiallyclark

I am blessed to married to my favorite man for over 20 years and and to be called Mom to 5 of the best kids alive.
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1 Response to That’s Hypocritical

  1. jessie1944 says:

    Oh, my you really touched a nerve my daughter Dear. How many times have I said the same things about my own fears in raising you and your sister Daniela. How many times have I felt these same fears about myself? I have not always been able to have someone giving me that gentle push as you got today. I am so thankful to be able to watch you and Joe raise my grandchildren with our Father in the lead. So glad you are an OVERCOMER.

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